Wallpapernews April – 2021

Birds chirp, warming sun, and small fragile buds. It is a little while until it reaches its crescendo, but the signs of spring are out there and they have begun to contribute each in their own way to the lively melody of spring.

A little less than 1 year ago, one of our designers, Lina Schnaufer, launched her first wallpaper collection and now comes her second – LINA 2!

While waiting for this and the spring bird chirps, warming sun and fragile buds, crawl up in the armchair and snuggle up to that home and start planning the spring / summer wall project.

As nice as the spring sun is for the cheeks, just as nice is the spring wallpaper news for the walls! …


In mid-April, LINA 2 will be launched!


Lina 2 – In the wallpaper collection Lina II, you are invited to the house with fruit trees around the knot, where the coffee is freshly brewed on the kitchen table and where dewy morning slowly creeps towards a cooling summer night. Here is time to settle down for a while. In this collection, Lina takes a deep dive into her grandfather Ewald’s garden. She also explores childhood memories and tries to shape the complexity of plants and life that are united between then and now.



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